The Quietus | News | Purple Rain Reissue Details Announced

Full details of the long-awaited vinyl reissue of Prince’s Purple Rain have now been announced by Warner Bros. and NPG Records, who will be responsible for the release.The record will be reissued in three editions: one vinyl, one deluxe and one expanded. The deluxe edition includes two CDs made up of the album’s 2015 remaster and a collection of music from Prince’s extensive vaults of unreleased and unheard tracks. The expanded edition takes in three CDs and a DVD with the two discs from the deluxe edition as well as a disc of edits and B-sides and a New York concert video captured in 1985. The vinyl edition features the album remastered and pressed on 180g vinyl.

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A Photographer in Shanghai: Red Swastika – China in WW2



During the three-month battle of Shanghai in 1937, volunteers of the Red Swastika Society were a ubiquitous sight, present wherever their help was needed. At hospitals, nurses and doctors of the society did their utmost to alleviate the suffering caused by modern weapons, and in the city’s ports its volunteers were instrumental in helping civilians fleeing the mayhem.

Obviously, the Red Swastika Society was modeled on the Red Cross, using the ancient Buddhist swastika as its symbol. While the hooks of the society’s swastika were pointing leftwards, unlike the Nazi swastika with hooks pointing to the right, the similar imagery was obvious in the 1930s, even though it was less controversial than it would have been later on, once the full extent of the horrors under Hitler became well-known.

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‘Hundreds of us will die in Raqqa’: the women fighting Isis | World news | The Guardian

She had heard the stories about how Islamic State fighters could glide like ghosts into Kurdish militia bases during the dead of night, but nothing prepared her for the bedlam when it happened. It was 3.40am on 12 February when Isis attackers scrambled over the perimeter defences of the base north of Raqqa. Kimberley Taylor was convinced it would be overrun. Grabbing her Kalashnikov, she began firing at the shapes. Beyond the corner of the nearest building cowered an enemy fighter. Suddenly he rushed towards her. As their eyes met, he yanked the cord on his suicide belt.

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